Thursday, October 13, 2011




Another Celebration, another storm bringing massive precipitation. In spite of the snow, Espo’s Love Letter Tattoo Shop (a division of ICY SIGNS, a subsidiary of Mark Surface Intl.) opened right at the happy hour of 5. Two excellent co-defendants stepped right up: Nick encouraged me to invent something on the spot, while Michelle chose “whats mine is yours” and got it bolder on her shoulder. WHOA, I’ve got that feeling I get when I put work in a good spot. It’s like a seeing diamond in a moonbeam. 10 sheets of flash are in the shop now, we’ll add 10 more on tuesday, 10 more on thursday, and 10 more on friday. Dont see that special piece of flash? come again, rewind till you find the fine line to put on your spine. Or if you want, you can suggest to Es what works best, HELL YES



Unemployed? No need to be. America’s Prison Industry is growing like a cinder block fungus across The Land of the Free (on bail). The Prison Industrial Group (NYSE: PIG) is looking to fill secure positions on all levels, no diploma necessary. One guy in the belly beasting is my man Mr. B, who teaches English to incarcerated scarface jrs. in an outer borough. Mr B chanced upon our Love Letter project, moved it into captivity, and called it “A Kite For You”. The kite is a communique between captives, sometimes facilitated by a CO or cellie, so needless to say our brick valentines hit the inmates square on the heart. They made their own yearning burners and posted them in the common areas to call and get response .  We hoped that the Love Letter would inspire someone to do something, but we were devastated to see the desperate dig their own diamonds out of despair. Mr. B invited us to continue the Letter in the  jail gym, so in 3 (too short) days we delivered the message that Love exists for you, even if you have been rotting in solitary since birth. The proof of this is in the air we share, that goes from the cells to the avenues to the couples on an ocean cruise every breath that keeps us alive is love, from who is your business. The Letter is the kite we delivered on the concrete, 3-4 of us going for broke for days getting paid only in the feeling of being in but not an inmate (totally fair). Finally The Future is coming, good bad boring happy or sad (or ALL OF THE ABOVE) its coming like the train rolling past your window. Either youre on it or youre under it. Hopefully I’ll see you onboard and we’ll sit and look at the sights.


Love, love changes everything Hands and faces, earth and sky Love, love changes everything How you live and how you die Love, can make the summer fly Or a night seem like a lifetime Yes love, love changes everything Now I tremble at your name 
Nothing in the world will ever be the same
Love, love changes everything Days are longer, words mean more Love, love changes everything Pain is deeper than before Love will turn your world around And that world will last forever Yes love, love changes everything Brings you glory, brings you shame 

Off into the world we go Planning futures, shaping years Love (comes in) and suddenly all our wisdom disappears Love makes fools of everyone All the rules we made are broken Yes love, love changes everyone Live or perish in its flame Love will never never let you be the same 

Some romantic ideas

Romantic Ideas

Write a letter everyday both of you are apart.
Give him/her a bunch of helium filled heart shaped balloons.
Fix a jigsaw puzzle together.
Place glow in the dark stars on the walls in the bedroom froming the words, "You light up my life."
Learn to play his/her favorite song on a musical instrument.
Leave post it notes all over the house telling how much you love him/her.
Make a scrapbook about your love story and give it to him/her.
Bring him/her on a surprise romantic getaway!
Write a message in a bottle together and throw it into the sea.
Create a time capsule containing all your little secrets together and open it many years later.
Have a candlelight dinner together on the beach.
Fly a specially made kite that form the words "I love you"
Make a website about your love story for him/her.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Letting Go

Since we've been together,
its been awhile,
I have a new man,
our relationship didn't feel worthwhile.

We had too many problems,
no trust at all,
maybe that's why we argued,
over things so small.

I really didn't need the added stress,
I always felt locked down,
every time I touched another guy,
you'd say I was messing around.

I can't believed you questioned,
whether I was true,
remember when you had that girl at your house,
and you said she wasn't for you.I gave my all,
I really did try,
when I wanted to be with you,
my love you did deny.

I need a man that knows what he wants,
that will give and receive,
make me feel special
and won't ever leave.

although I care for you more then you know,
I can't continue to put myself through this,
maybe someday we can reconnect,
right now friendship is all that exists.

You still tell me you love me,
and that I changed you in a good way
It breaks my heart,
but I know that love did not stay.

Now there is only one thing to do,
Loving you was easy,
and so was letting go.

If I Could

 I could turn and walk away,
And start all over again..
I can forget I ever knew you,
I could live in a world of pretend.

But every time I open my eyes,
It's back to reality.
Things I've tried to forget,
Are back again with me.

I could go through life,
Never saying your name.
I could live each day..
Looking for a place to lay the blame.

I could feel bitter,
For the way things turned out.
But I choose not to be,
That's not what I'm about.

I could forever long for you,
And this I'll probably do.
If only I could've touched your face..
At least one dream would've come true.

I could say I hate you,
But it would be a lie.
I could wish I'd never met you,
So I'd never had a sad goodbye.

But no matter the tears,
The aches I felt inside,
I still can't regret knowing you,
My feelings I've never denied.

I chose to remember you,
The way you were with me.
Things you said and felt..
I hold in loving memory.

Even though it was a heartache,
Only waiting to begin,
What I experienced with you...
Was the best place I've ever been.

Maybe Tomorrow

When I think about what we used to be,
I cry and cry in spite of me.
It just seems crazy that was just last year,
Just last year I barely cried one tear.

Now I'm just hoping maybe tomorrow,
Maybe tomorrow therefor be no more sorrow.
Maybe tomorrow you'll give me a glance,
 Maybe tomorrow you'll give me one last chance.

Maybe tomorrow you'll give me a call,
Maybe tomorrow I won't cry at all.
Maybe tomorrow you'll hug me tight,
Maybe tomorrow you'll kiss me good night.

Maybe tomorrow you'll take back my heart,
Maybe you'll give me a brand new start.
I'm living with dreams that won't come true,
For you will never love me as I love you.